The fastest way to Tokyo DisneySea from JR Maihama station on foot

You arrive Maihama and have a big expectation to what is waiting for.

Transferring JR to Disney Resort Line and paying 260 yen (nearly $2.5), you think “If I can save this, one more drink I can have…” because it’s more expensive than the fare you pay to get Maihama from Tokyo.

OK then, use your foot to go to Tokyo DisneySea instead of monorail and make it real!

From Tokyo to Maihama, see The fastest way to Tokyo DisneySea from Tokyo Station by train.

How long does it take?

In short, 10-15 min.

When you use Disney Resort Line, it will be 9 min from Resort Gateway station (nearby JR Maihama station) to Tokyo DisneySea and 3 min from Tokyo DisneySea to get back.

So it’s recommended to use monorail if you have children or lots of belongings, but the time it takes are not so much different because it takes 5 min to transfer from JR Maihama to Resort Gateway station (they are bit far away).

The route map (Sorry for Japanese)

For those who want to read Japanese, here is a translation table. Post continues below, so skip it to next section.

But it’s better to ask others if you lost the way ;)

駅 (eki) / ステーションstation
市 (shi)city
線 (sen)line
アンバサダーホテルAmbassador Hotel
ホテルミラコスタHotel MiraCosta
運動公園 (undo-koen)sports park
前 (mae)before/front
交差点 (kosa-ten)intersection/cross point
駐車場 (chusha-jo)parking
北 (kita) / ノースnorth
南 (minami) / サウスsouth
口 (kuchi / guchi)entrance / gate / mouth
切符 (kippu) / チケットticket
窓口 (mado-guchi) / ブースbooth

Go down stairs

Getting out the JR Maihama station’s South Gate, turn left and find stairs to get down. An elevator is near.

Find where the stairs near an elevator… Here it is!

Intersection #1

Go down that stairs and go to right a bit, seeing bus stop on your right and Ikspiari (A shopping center) on your left.

On downside of the stairs Intersection #1 (Sorry for handshakes)

There is 1st intersection of 3 in total. Some of you’ll notice an unique symbol of Ikspiari.

Very artistic, is it?

Now turn left this intersection and go straight. You can cross the street here when the traffic light is green, but it doesn’t matter.

Go straight until intersection #2

Along the street until you meet Urayasu City Sports Park.

Long, straight way

Until then, you can see Ikspiari or Disney Ambassador Hotel (Tokyo Disney Resort Official Hotel) on your left and Tokyo Disneyland / the entrance of Oriental Land co. (company running Tokyo Disney Resort) on your right.

The entrance of Disney Ambassador Hotel The entrance of Oriental Land co.

If you can see Disney Resort Line above and another artistic object, the symbol of Urayasu City Sports Park on your front, there it is.

Intersection #2, named “Undo-koen-mae” (Urayasu City Sports Park) A “big” mysterious object as letters

The entrance of Tokyo DisneySea

Trun right the intersection #2 and walk a bit,then you will see the last intersection.

Intersection #3

Cross the street and on the left corner of the intersection, the entrance of Tokyo DisneySea exists.

The entrance of Tokyo DisneySea

From entrance to North Entrance Gate

The route from entrance to North Entrance Gate (Sorry for Japanese again)

After passing small gate, you wll see bicycles’ parking.

From there, go to right along the road. When the road become wider, turn left and you’ll get at North Entrance Gate now!

North Entrance Gate over this information board


I personally recommend to walk this route only when you go to Tokyo DisneySea and use monorail when you get back.

Because it takes only 3 min or so and you’ll be very tired of walking in the park for a day.

Also, it is recommended to ride the monorail at least once because it has very good and cute interiors. One-day/Multi-day pass of Disney Resort Line suits for souvenirs, too.